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Losing a child because of a defective product is always incredibly difficult for any parent to bear. However, a company’s denial of responsibility for the deaths of five infants and subsequent refusal to take responsibility for those deaths would be enough to shock any Atlanta product liability attorney.

Many parents from Atlanta will be interested to learn that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has filed a complaint against the maker of over 150,000 portable baby recliners. The reason for the suit is that five infants have died from the use of the recliners so far. Over 70 complaints were also filed due to children falling out of the recliners. The federal government said they tried to work out a voluntary recall, but the manufacturer refused to agree, and refused to offer any refunds to customers.

The first recorded infant death from the product was in April 2010 and four more deaths have happened since. After the first one, the company recalled and modified the recliner, but continues to stand by the safety of their product now.

In this type of case, a plaintiff is typically required to show a company was responsible for the product liability. The outcome of the government’s case against this manufacturer could potentially be instructive to any families looking to bring similar claims.

If the government’s lawsuit proves successful, that result could help show the company was responsible if any families bring a product liability case against the company for any injuries or even death caused to their infant from the product. However, even if the government’s case is not successful, families would still have the opportunity to independently seek compensation.

The loss of a child is never an easy event to have to bear. Seeking legal help to file a claim against those who are potentially liable can be the first step towards trying to move on.

Source: ABC News, “Feds File Suit Against Nap Nanny Maker After 5 Infant Deaths, 70 Complaints,” Jim Avila, Dec. 6, 2012