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Atlanta resident can be affected when commonly used products are not functioning properly. This could lead to a recall for that product and users will have to find a replacement for it. When a product is defective, it significantly impacts both the consumers and the producers.

There has been various recalls recently from a large car manufacturer. Nissan has now found another defective product in their new cars, which has resulted in a significant amount of recalls. The recall affects 123,308 new 2013 Altima sedans and focuses on the spare tire for the vehicle. For any that were manufactured between March 21 and March 26, there is a chance that the spare tires are either significantly overinflated or underinflated. This could increase the chance of an accident if the spare tire were used.

While Nissan has not reported any accidents or injuries related to the defect yet, it still issued the recall and is in the process of informing all owners. It appears that the problem stemmed from a malfunctioning pressure regulator at a plant in Mississippi. The problem part has since been repaired.

Being injured from a defective product can be just as bad if not worse than being injured from any other type of accident. When it’s a defective product causes an accident or injury it is often more difficult to prove what the cause was. For that reason, assistance is usually required to do the amount of research and discovery that is needed. The responsible party may not accept liability even when the cause is known. When that is the case, a product liability lawsuit may be brought against the manufacturer.

Recovering from any type of injury is never an easy task. Often times help must be sought out to allow the recovery to go as smoothly and easily as possible.

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