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Many drivers know that no matter how careful you are, sometimes, an accident just can’t be avoided. Unfortunately for one family, that appeared to be the case in one fatal truck accident that occurred recently.

The accident occurred near Atlanta on I-85 near a bridge. A tractor-trailer apparently hit an SUV and this caused the SUV to hit another truck. The SUV then flipped over, went over a guardrail and then landed on an on-ramp. The people in the SUV were a mother of two and her two children. The mother, a 35-year-old doctor, was killed and her children were injured. The tractor-trailer driver has since been charged with second-degree manslaughter and making an unsafe lane change. The children are expected to survive, but it is unknown at this time what their status is.

After a fatal accident, it is often incredibly difficult for the family to recover from that loss, especially when children were injured in the accident. However, it may be necessary for the surviving family members to put into writing exactly what happened at the accident or at least as much information as possible. Further, it may also be useful to record any injuries sustained by the surviving family members, as well as all costs and expenses incurred related to the accident. This is because if a lawsuit needs to be brought, it will allow the issues of liability and damages to be dealt with as quickly and easily as possible. That way, the suit does not need to be prolonged and the family can begin to move on.

Oftentimes all an Atlanta family wants after a horrible tragedy is closure. Seeking out the right assistance will allow that closure to be found as quickly as possible.

Source: My Fox Atlanta, “Driver charged in fatal I-85 accident,” July 26, 2013