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birth injury is one of the most traumatic forms of medical malpractice. It occurs when a medical professional causes harm to an infant at the most vulnerable and crucial moment of care.

In the event of a birth injury, it is essential to review the actions taken by your medical team thoroughly. Nurses are highly involved in the labor and delivery process, so nurse practitioners often play a significant role in birth injury liability.

Identifying a nurse practitioner’s actions leading up to a birth injury will provide essential clarity to your malpractice case.


During labor and delivery, there are several potential points where your nurse practitioner (NP) can commit medical negligence. Successful labor and delivery require attentive and skilled nursing care, and deviations from adequate care can point directly to the cause of a birth injury.

  • Failure to Communicate. Communication errors can be deadly during birth. The laboring patient and the infant need close monitoring, as complications can develop rapidly. A nurse is usually responsible for this monitoring.
    If a nurse fails to alert a doctor promptly to a change in the patient’s condition, and the delay in care results in a negative outcome, that nurse may have committed nursing malpractice
  • Medication and Treatment Errors. Naturally, medication and treatment errors can also cause birth injuries. Nurses perform most of the hands-on care during labor and delivery; thus, they will most likely be involved in any negligent treatment.
    A malpractice investigation should include the nurses who provided medical treatment if your child’s birth injury is connected to a medication or treatment error. When a nurse fails to notice a dangerous symptom or makes a mistake when providing care, it may be possible to hold them responsible in a malpractice suit


Birth injuries are devastating. They can result in a lifetime of economic struggle and untold amounts of pain and suffering. Families who have suffered a birth injury should find an experienced birth injury attorney as soon as possible.

The birth injury attorneys at Lourie, Chance, Forlines, Carter & King, PChave a long and successful history as fierce advocates for birth injury victims. We are here to help your family navigate the complexities of birth injury and to seek the compensation you will need to provide the best life possible for your child.

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