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Under Georgia’s motorcycle laws, all riders (drivers and passengers alike) must wear a helmet at all times. This isn’t just the law- it’s also good sense. You should take every reasonable precaution to protect yourself while on a motorcycle.

However, a motorcycle operator will sometimes make a decision to ride without a helmet. This isn’t an ideal choice, and you should avoid it if at all possible. Still, it happens, and sometimes motorcycle operators will suffer an accident while not wearing a helmet.

There’s a very important point our motorcycle accident lawyers want you to take away from this situation: this does not mean you are unable to pursue compensation. The decision not to wear a helmet, while unwise, does not negate other issues of liability. You can still file a successful legal claim if you were riding your motorcycle while not wearing a helmet.

Now, that decision will likely have ramifications for your legal claim. The defendant will surely raise it as a defense, and the compensation available to you might be affected by your decision not to wear a helmet. Your ability to recover compensation for a brain injury, for example, might be limited, as the other side will likely argue that you contributed to the injury by not wearing a helmet.

Of course, every motorcycle accident. The only way to get a clear sense of your legal options is to speak with our lawyers as soon as possible.

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