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A child was rushed to the hospital in critical condition with serious head injuries after a woman struck the child with her car in Atlanta. Police investigating the incident concluded that the driver did not do anything wrong because the boy darted out into the street. The husband of the woman who was driving the vehicle that hit the child says that his wife tried to avoid the accident, but could not.

Some people in the neighborhood where this incident occurred expressed some reservations about the police’s conclusion. One neighbor said that drivers tend to speed on the road where this accident occurred, and that it has become and unsafe environment both for children and adults who go near the road.

While police say that they will not be citing the woman in connection with this incident, it is important for Atlanta, Georgia residents to remember that just because the police determine that a driver will not face a charge or citation because of a pedestrian accident, that does not mean that the driver bears absolutely no responsibility for it whatsoever.

Particularly in this case, where a young boy was critically injured, while in a residential area, it may behoove the family to conduct an independent investigation of the accident to see if there is additional evidence that the driver may have some fault in connection with this accident. Auto accidents involving pedestrians can result in quite serious injuries, as is the case here. Victims of these types of accidents should get compensation for their losses if it turns out that the driver was in fact negligent.

Source: CBS Atlanta, “12-year-old boy critically injured in car accident,” Terrance Kelly, Aug. 31, 2013.