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Sometimes a traffic accident can seriously affect an entire Georgia community. This was the case in a recent accident in which a woman and her husband were struck from behind as they sat in their vehicle, stopped at a traffic light. The 51-year-old woman, who worked as a nanny and was considered a “second mom” by many in her community, was killed instantly. The woman’s husband remains in critical condition.

Police said the accident occurred when a 19-year-old driver crashed his 2001 Dodge Dakota into the back of the couple’s Buick. The 19-year-old was hospitalized with injuries that were not considered life threatening, police said. The accident was still under investigation.

Members of the woman’s community and families who employed the woman to care for their young children expressed their sadness and disbelief to news reporters after hearing the news. Some in the community knew the woman by the nickname “Sunshine” because she had such an upbeat personality, they said.

When someone is injured in a car accident caused by another driver’s negligence, Georgia law provides that they may be compensated through a personal injury lawsuit. In cases involving a fatal accident, the victim’s family members may be compensated through a wrongful death lawsuit. The two types of lawsuits are similar, but may cover different types of damages.

Personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits can be emotionally difficult for the injured and their families, but they can also be very important in helping people to cope with the emotional and financial aftermath of a tragic accident. They can also be important ways to hold a negligent driver accountable and to encourage other drivers to exercise more caution in the future.

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