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Suffering the loss of a loved one is always a tragedy. However, the auto accidents that involve the loss of a child are particularly horrendous, as no parent should ever have to live longer than her child.

One such accident occurred recently in Atlanta, but it was made even worse than one would expect. The accident took place near the intersection of Boulder Park Drive and Brownlee Road. A young 11-year-old boy was struck by a car as he attempted to cross the road. The driver of the car did not remain at the scene, but instead kept going after the boy was hit. The boy was found to be dead at the scene. The alleged driver eventually turned himself in after the accident. He is accused of a litany of crimes, including vehicular homicide, DUI, leaving the scene of the accident and driving with a suspended license, as well as many others.

When a family member is killed, the family experiences an incredibly wide range of emotions. It can take them a long time to recover. However, sadly, they often must deal with painful realities, such as medical bills or funeral expenses. These can often be very costly and one of the only ways to recover is to bring a wrongful death suit against the perpetrator. This will at least allow the family to cover those costs and expenses and sometimes, they can recover for pain and suffering as well. The family should seek out assistance, however, because there may be more parties involved than they realize.

Losing a loved one, especially a child, is an incredibly difficult burden. Seeking out help to deal with that burden is often a good way for the family to begin to move on.

Source: My Fox Atlanta, “Police: Child struck, killed by hit-and-run driver in Atlanta,” April 2, 2013