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Driving drunk is never a good decision, even if nothing happens. For one man who caused at least 15 hit-and-run auto accidents and one death, he, along with the families of many victims, will be living with his horrible decision for the rest of their lives.

This unbelievable event occurred near Atlanta when the man was driving along Highway 78 and hit at least 15 vehicles while driving drunk. He ended up hitting the back of a Toyota Camry and the impact from that collision caused that car to become stuck under the trailer of a truck after striking a vehicle that was stopped. There was another vehicle in front of the Toyota that was also pushed into a stopped vehicle. The passenger in the Toyota, who was the drivers mother, died from her injuries from the accident. The driver of the Toyota was taken to the hospital for his life threatening injuries. The drunk driver was arrested and is currently being held without bail after being charged with multiple charges stemming from the accident.

Being injured from a car accident is almost always difficult to recover from, especially for a family who loses a loved one. When the driver is drunk, it makes the situation that much worse because the driver made a choice that ended up resulting in serious injuries or death. Even when the driver is not drunk, however, a lawsuit can be brought for any injuries as a result of car accident, as well as for any property damage. If a separate criminal suit is brought, it often means that proving liability in the personal injury suit will be that much more straightforward.

Recovering from an auto accident, especially one that causes the loss of a loved one is never easy. Seeking out help is often the first step to try and take the long journey of recovery.

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