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Most people who are standing in line waiting to get into a club do not expect to be hit by cars. However, this was the unfortunate case when one drunk driver caused an auto accident that sent two people to the hospital.

The accident occurred at an Atlanta nightclub on Flat Shoals Avenue at around 2:00 a.m. There were three pedestrians who were outside the club when a drunk driver slammed into the club, pinning one of the pedestrians to the building. Another pedestrian was also injured in the crash. The drunk driver tried to run away from the accident, but only got about a block away before he was arrested. The two pedestrians were taken to the hospital but their injuries were luckily non-life threatening. The driver was arrested and has since been charged with hit-and-run as well as DUI.

Any time a pedestrian is a victim of an auto accident, there is always a chance for extremely significant injury, even more so when two vehicles are involved. As such, the most important thing to do is get the injured person medical attention immediately. However, it is also important to get down as much information as possible, especially if the driver does not stay at the scene. Getting information about the car, the license plate, a description of the driver and the location where the accident occurred are often the most useful. Beyond that, seeking out help as soon as possible to bring a lawsuit against the responsible party is also helpful. The quicker it can be brought, the more likely it is to be settled faster since the information is more likely to be fresh for any witnesses and for the victim herself.

Recovering from an auto accident is never an easy task, for the victim or her family. Seeking out help is a good step to move forward.

Source: CBS Atlanta, “Car accident in front of East Atlanta nightclub sends two to hospital,” Will Frampton, April 12, 2013