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June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month. June 15th is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. It is an absolute tragedy that either of these observances is necessary. According to the National Center on Aging, one in 10 adults over the age of 60+ has faced abuse. Unbelievably, in 2/3rd of these cases, it’s the adult children or a trusted loved one of the victim who perpetrates the abuse.


The most common types of elder abuse are:

  • Physical and Emotional Abuse. This includes all acts of violence, coercion, and intimidation
  • Sexual Abuse. This includes all unwanted touching, groping, and advances. Abuse can be physical or verbal
  • Financial Exploitation. This may involve direct theft, altering legal documents, and other types of fraud
  • General Neglect. This may include over or under-medication, unsanitary conditions, bedsores and pressure ulcers, and malnutrition

If you suspect a loved one is experiencing abuse, it is vital that you contact our office right away to discuss your options. The faster we can begin investigating the issue, the sooner we can help restore safety and dignity to the victim.


Every individual who works with elderly adults has the responsibility to put an end to elder abuse. Prevention is best accomplished through proper employee screening, training, and continuing education, and is furthered by management that carefully monitors daily happenings.

You can do your part by making frequent visits to your loved one’s home. Unannounced visits allow you to see, in real-time, what conditions are like inside the facility – and to take swift action when something is amiss. During these visits, be sure to both look at surroundings and listen to your loved one talk about their experiences. In some cases, abuse may be mentioned in passing or simply hinted at.

If you suspect a loved one is experiencing abuse, we are here to help. Please call 404-760-7400 to schedule a free case review at one of our Atlanta offices right away. We fight for victims of nursing home abuse throughout the state of Georgia.