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A Caesarian section (C-section) may be made necessary during the course of labor and delivery in order to prevent birth injury. Indications that a C-section will be needed include:

  • Fetal distress, including cord entanglement
  • Severe maternal distress
  • Dangerously long labor

At the first signs of fetal distress, the potential need for a C-section should be on the table. Sadly, inadequate monitoring of baby and mother may result in emergency situations being overlooked or ignored. Hubris on the part of medical staff, physicians, and doctors can also result in a delayed C-Section.


Doctors and s

Risks associated with a delayed C-section include:

When medical staff fail to react appropriately to signs that an emergency C-section is needed, they place both mother and child at risk for serious or fatal injury. When injury occurs, it is essential that legal action be taken as soon as possible. The attorneys and insurance companies working for the medical industry will get to work quickly to disprove negligence – something our firm has direct experience with – and, unless you have someone on your side as well, the outcome of your claim will be entirely in the hands of those powerful entities.

Going Into Labor

While an emergency C-section may be needed in some cases, the need for this type of delivery is often made clear during pregnancy. In many cases, a C-section will need to be scheduled if the baby is positioned irregularly, if there is more than one baby, or if the mother has certain medical conditions. By taking appropriate action while a woman is pregnant, emergency situations can often be avoided.


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