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A fatal truck accident affects the lives of many people. It is especially difficult if a negligent driver causes such an irreversible tragedy. The family of a victim of negligence may be able to seek a wrongful death suit to receive compensation for their loss. That compensation after a truck accident will not be a substitute for a loved one, but it can help financially in the grieving process. A truck accident that results in death is something no family wants to go through, but there are options for receiving compensation for lost earnings and funeral expenses.

A fatal accident occurred on Ga. 17 near Sandhill Road that closed sections of the highway down over a recent November weekend. A tanker truck collided with a pickup and two people were killed. A fire erupted from the crash that burned for several hours. The two fatalities were in the pickup after the tanker struck it. The tanker driver was not hurt. Some residents in nearby homes were forced to evacuate their homes for a period following the wreck. The Georgia State Patrol is in the process of investigating the semi-truck accident.

In the wake of an accident, many families will go through emotional turmoil. Losing a loved one suddenly is emotionally devastating, to say the least. The loss of support from a key income earner in a family can cause tremendous financial stress as well. If the victim was killed due to negligence on the part of the other driver, damages can be awarded. This process can take time, though, as well as an understanding of the Georgia legal system.

The fatal truck accident on Ga. 17 is an example of how quickly a trip down the highway can turn a family’s life upside down. Sometimes accidents can be the cause of a truck driver’s negligent behavior, poor maintenance of a truck or improper loading of materials. With any type of negligence, financial support can be obtained to help out the surviving family.

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