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Atlanta’s Cedartown High School wrestling team sustained injuries recently after a tow truck hit the bus they were riding in. The accident happened as the team left a match around 9pm on a weeknight at the intersection of Rome Bypass and Georgia Highway, authorities said.

The driver of the bus received lacerations to the face due to the accident. A dozen to 15 wrestlers among the 42 passengers aboard the bus sustained minor injuries.

Injured parties were staged at a nearby Baptist Church and then taken by ambulance to Floyd Medical Center to be assessed for further complications.

A witness at the scene said the bus was traveling through a green light when the tow truck, traveling in the opposite direction on the same highway, turned in front of the bus and was struck.

Rome Bypass Accident

A second accident on the same highway resulted in several injuries. Briefly after the bus crash, Redmond Regional Medical Center responded to a motor vehicle accident involving a Jeep and a Nissan Xterra.

According to authorities, the Jeep attempted to exit the highway and made a last minute correction back into the lane and hit the front of the Nissan Xterra. Two passengers were taken to RMC as a result of the wreck.

Car Crash Liability Law according to State Bar of Georgia

When a driver is at fault in an accident, the passengers and the driver of the other vehicles in the crash may sue for personal injuries which usually include lost wages.

Motorists with claims filed against them should direct these claims to the insurance provider. Any coverage issues should be discussed with an attorney.

A motorist may make a claim against their own insurance for property damage and personal injury. It’s recommended that an attorney assist in making sure any settlement offer is fair and reasonable.

Vehicle damage and other property damage are covered by collision and comprehensive insurance policies. When another motorist is at fault, a person may choose to sue for vehicle damage even in cases where there is no bodily injury claim.

Injured motorists should contact a reputable Georgia personal injury attorney to discuss issues of liability in the event of a car crash.

Source: “Wrestlers hurt when team bus, tow truck collide,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 11/23/11