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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration holds many farmers and producers of food to high standards. It’s important for food to be safe for Georgia consumers to eat. Something that has spoiled or contaminated may do damage to thousands of people if put out in the public market. Food producers and companies have a responsibility to ensure quality for their consumers. Product liability holds food producers liable for public goods that are harmful.

A Georgia farm has recalled 168 pounds of cheese that may have been contaminated with Salmonella. The Flat Creek Farm & Dairy of Swainsboro has issued a recall for 78 pounds of Aztec Cheddar and 90 pounds of Heavenly Blue cheese. No illnesses have been reported so far. Most of the cheese was distributed in Georgia.

An infected product that is sold to the public can be a serious public health hazard. A food producer may be held strictly liable for illnesses caused by a contaminated product. A food producer may also be considered negligent if they failed to adhere to industry strict practices after discovering a product like cheese infected with salmonella. Liability can be tough to determine with more complicated products involving many producers, growers and distributers.

Food producers and manufacturers have a standard of care to adhere to when they put their products out to the public. If you have had to go to the hospital and incur medical costs, you may be eligible for compensation. It’s important for you to be safe while eating and you shouldn’t have to take chances with food.

Source: Consumer Affairs, “Flat Creek Farm & Dairy recalls cheese,” James Limbach, Jan. 10, 2014