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A routine trip that a Georgian makes every day can change a life in the blink of an eye. A car accident leads to high financial and emotional costs, and many of these costs will not be reimbursed by an insurance company. Negligent drivers can cause auto accidents and victims have a right to financial restitution.

On U.S. 278 in greater Bluffton, South Carolina, a car crashed into a tractor-trailer recently. The passenger in the car, a Georgia man, was killed. The car driver was injured and transported to a nearby hospital. The accident occurred while the tractor-trailer was making a U-turn and the car struck it. As is the case with countless Georgia car accidents, it was unclear who was at fault. The driver of the tractor-trailer was not harmed.

Negligent action on the roads can lead to life-threatening injuries or even death from motor vehicle accidents. Driving poorly in inclement weather, drinking and driving or exhibiting other risky behavior can all point to negligence or recklessness on the part of a driver who has caused a wreck. To pay for a victim’s loss, the first step is to identify what sources and options victims and their families have.

Frequently, an injured victim’s best recourse is a personal injury suit. Personal injury stems from an incident where one party is harmed or killed and another party is legally responsible. A driver can be held responsible for the death of another driver, of course, but also for the death of a passenger. Often, results end in an early settlement where benefits are paid to the victim or his or her family.

In Georgia, it’s important to be cognizant of who has legal authority over the case and what medical elements a case involves. Even a minor motor vehicle accident can lead to brain injuries, broken bones or long-term impairments. In the event of a death, medical expenses, funeral arrangements and other costs will add up rapidly for the family and friends of loved ones, but a wrongful death suit can greatly offset these exorbitant expenses.

Source: The Island Packet, “Georgia Man killed, 1 injured in wreck Tuesday on US 278,” Staff Reports, Nov. 20, 2013