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former Salt Lake City ski instructor was awarded $11 million by an Atlanta jury in a case related to defective hip implants that is widely regarded as an important signal for the viability of future hip implant claims.

Considered a “bellwether trial,” Robyn Christiansen’s suit against manufacturer Wright Technologies was heard in the Northern District of Georgia as part of a consolidated group of federal cases against Wright. Christiansen’s metal-on-metal implant hip implant failed, causing metal poisoning in the surrounding tissue.

A seven-person jury found in favor of Christiansen, rejecting Wright’s argument that Christiansen’s surgeon had improperly installed the implant.

Defective hip implants have proven to be a serious public health issue over the last several years, to the extent that most doctors are no longer placing metal-on-metal hip implants in patients. Dangerous medical devices place innocent patients in danger.

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