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The widespread use of general anesthesia was a godsend for patients undergoing surgery. The knowledge that you’ll be able to undergo a major surgical procedure without having to endure unimaginable pain is obviously quite important.

However, our Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers have seen how anesthesia mistakes put patients in danger. Anesthesia is crucial, but it is another step in the surgical process, which means it’s another step where something can go wrong.

Anesthesia lawsuits are generally focused on one of two issues. The first is an allergic reaction. Many patients are allergic to specific forms of anesthesia. It’s the medical facility’s responsibilities to ask patients about any allergies, review past medical records and take reasonable steps to protect against potentially fatal allergic reactions.

The second issue is generalized anesthesia error. Anesthesia administration requires education, experience and skill. Poorly trained anesthesiologists can put patients in danger. Even experienced anesthesiologists can make mistakes- being overly aggressive with the anesthesia, for example, can lead to heart failure.

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