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Most of us have been there- it’s seconds after an accident. You’re a little dazed, but mostly coherent. You start thinking about the inconvenience of this wreck, the time off work, the money you’ll have to spend. The other driver gets out of his or her car, and you feel a surge of anger and frustration.

This is understandable, but our Atlanta car accident lawyers urge you to take a deep breath and think about your financial future. What happens after a car accident is crucial for any legal action you might pursue.

You’ll surely have to communicate with the other driver. Here’s how you navigate this fraught interaction:

  • Always exchange insurance and contact information- don’t agree to “keep the insurance companies out of this”
  • Remain calm and polite. Don’t raise your voice or do anything to instigate a confrontation.
  • Don’t admit fault. It’s probably best not to talk too much about the details of the accident.
  • If the other driver is angry and is insistent on conversation, do not rise to the bait- retreat to your car until emergency personnel arrive

You can be pleasant and polite without surrendering your legal rights. Don’t make the conversation complicated- keep it simple and you’ll be fine. You can see our What To Do After an Accident page for more information.

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