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As many Atlanta residents know, the larger the accident, the more likely that fatalities will occur. Unfortunately, this appeared to be the case in one accident that left seven people dead.

The accident was a major truck accident that included a Jeep Cherokee and 2 large semi-tractor trailer trucks. One truck slammed into the Jeep from behind and pushed the Cherokee into a second semi hauling a trailer, and this caused a huge fire that engulfed the Jeep. Both trucks were also burned. Three adults and four children were found dead after the fire was finally put out, one adult and two children were from the Atlanta area. The wreck is still under investigation, but it is not believed that alcohol or drugs were involved.

Any surviving family members after a loved one is lost, will usually face an incredibly difficult time. The last thing the family wants to do is so to think about the accident. However, it is often necessary for the information about the accident to be recorded as quickly as possible. That way, a lawsuit can be brought and the facts will have already been recorded so they are not forgotten or contested later. Further, when a commercial vehicle is involved, help is often required to deduce who can be sued, as often it is not only the driver but the owner of the truck or even the owner of the material inside the truck. Also, the family may be able to sue not just for the medical and funeral expenses but possibly for pain and suffering as well.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “3 from Atlanta area among 7 killed in Indiana wreck,” Alexis Stevens, Aug. 16, 2013