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Kraft has recalled 36,000 packages of individually wrapped American cheese slices out of concern that the slices poses a choking hazard.

According to Kraft, the issue is related to the plastic packaging in which each slice is wrapped. There have been 10 reports of a thin film from the packaging sticking to the cheese, which presents a potential choking hazard. Three of the complaints have cited a choking incident.

The recall affects three and four-pound packages of Kraft Singles American and White American. According to the Los Angeles Times piece linked above, the packages have use by dates of December 29, 2015 through January 4, 2016 and manufacturing codes of S54 or S55.

Our Atlanta product liability lawyers will monitor this case. We hope these cheese packages are swiftly returned- Kraft is offering a full refund. And we hope no one is significantly hurt by these packaging issues- Kraft singles are quite popular with children.

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