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Elder Abuse in Atlanta

Staffing problems seem to be at the root of several issues facing nursing home residents in Georgia. Care facilities – even those that offer luxury accommodations – are chronically understaffed, leading some to become less rigorous in the hiring process. This has, tragically, opened the door for the neglect and abuse of several nursing home residents, some of whom have died from the mistreatment.

According to an investigative journalism report in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “[s]hort staffing, lapses in training and constant turnover among both top managers and front-line staff led to the worst problems…with incidents playing out in dozens of facilities.” The article goes on to talk about several cases in which nursing home residents have sustained serious or fatal injury due to neglect and abuse. Difficult to read, it provides insight into the failing – both within the facilities and on a state level – that allow nursing home abuse and neglect to continue.


The state of Georgia requires one staffer for every 15 residents during the day and one for every 25 during the night. Training for these staff members is often rushed and incomplete, even when complying with state regulations. The end result is often a poorly trained staffer left in charge of dozens of residents who may have emotional, physical, and behavioral needs that are simply too much for a single nurse.

This inevitably leads to neglect. It has, in the past, also led to violence.

Hiring nursing staff in an increasingly competitive field can prove difficult. It is hard to attract qualified and capable applicants to lower paying and incredibly demanding jobs. This has led to some homes hiring incompetent, lazy, or downright criminal employees – and placing residents at serious risk as a result. As noted in the article from the AJC, many cases of nursing home abuse come at the hands of staff that should not have been hired in the first place.

Prompting both questions and outrage, a panel of experts gathered to address the issues reported in the AJC article. A broadcast of the town hall will air statewide on Georgia Public Broadcasting at 7pm on Nov. 14th.


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