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Midwife Errors

Between 8 and 12 percent of all vaginal births in the United States are overseen by midwives. The primary functions of a midwife are assisting with labor and delivery and providing care and support for new mothers and their babies. Midwives undergo training and education similar to an RN.

A majority of midwife-assisted births are overseen by a physician or obstetrician. In the state of Georgia, midwives are legally required to enter into a written agreement with a licensed physician specifying which interventions, therapies, or treatments necessitate the supervision of a physician. But even when a physician is supervising a delivery, errors can be made and injury can occur.


Birth injury can occur following all types of negligence and malpractice. Common types of midwife malpractice include:

Depending on the severity of the injury, lifelong consequences, including learning delays and developmental disabilities, may be unavoidable following midwife malpractice, forcing many families into dire economic and emotional situations.

Birth injury can occur during a hospital delivery, but risks increase when birthing is done at home. It is important to remember that, in a home setting, the tools necessary to deal with emergency situations may not be readily available. This can increase risks for both mother and child and may play a role in your ability to seek compensation. This is something we will be able to provide more information on during your free initial consultation.

Can Midwives be Held Liable for Medical Negligence?

Midwives are medical professionals. Any medical professional whose negligent behavior results in injury can be held liable for their actions. Midwives, like doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, can be held accountable for birth injuries and other damages that may occur during labor and delivery.

In Georgia, midwives are required to contact a physician at the first sign of fetal or maternal distress. When protocol is followed, liability may rest with an attending physician in addition to a midwife. This is something that is best established by an experienced birth injury lawyer.


At Lourie, Chance, Forlines, Carter & King, our birth injury attorneys and on-staff medical professionals pour over records to identify all instances of negligence. We take time to spot even the most subtle of errors and work to ensure every single responsible party is held to account.

Experienced and proven in helping families get financial compensation following birth injury, our attorneys are also dedicated to assisting children living with developmental disabilities in leading the happiest, healthiest, and most rewarding lives possible. We can help your family find available resources and support networks while building a case that seeks compensation for all current and projected future damages.

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