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When a truck driver loses control of a vehicle, there is a much larger chance to cause damage, or even death, due to the sheer size of the vehicle. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened recent near Atlanta.

A driver near Atlanta lost control of a pickup and it caused a truck accident in which the vehicle hit four other vehicles and ended up causing one death. The accident began because the truck driver was attempting to turn left and hit a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. Then the truck went on to hit a second vehicle on the road, followed by a parked car. The driver then got back on the road, hit yet another vehicle and crashed through a retaining wall, which resulted in the death of a man standing next to his vehicle.

Whenever a relative suffers a wrongful death, as was potentially the case in the above truck accident, it is always a tragic loss. To help recover the associated costs, speaking with an Atlanta Truck accident attorney can help when contemplating a wrongful death lawsuit. Some of the factors that are considered are how the death occurred, the monetary loss suffered by the surviving family members and a representative also must be appointed for the lost family member’s estate. The wrongful death lawsuit can help with the costs associated with the support the family member offered, as well as medical and funeral expenses.

The loss of a family member is always a time for grieving, and no amount of recovery can ever bring that person back. However, getting help to recover for the expenses can often be one step towards the healing process.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Cops: Buckhead driver hit 4 vehicles in fatal crash,” Christopher Seward, Nov. 3, 2012