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Just because a person happens to be the daughter of a former famous singer, does not mean she is immune to making mistakes while driving. Furthermore, it does not take an Atlanta auto accident attorney to know that just because someone is dating that famous singer’s daughter that the person can drive almost 50 miles-per-hour over the speed limit.

Whitney Houston’s daughter and her boyfriend were both recently involved in traffic incidents on the same day. The boyfriend was first cited and arrested for reckless driving and speeding when he was going 82 miles-per-hour in a 35 miles-per-hour zone. Earlier that day, Houston’s daughter was issued a traffic citation. In her case, her car left the road and went down into an embankment. She claimed that she had lost control of her call and after it went down the embankment, the car struck some trees. The car finally was stopped on the city’s park trail.

In both cases, luckily no one was injured. Sometimes however, people are not as lucky. If people are involved in a car accident, the most important first step is to seek medical attention immediately. Once all the injuries are attended to, then it is important to record all information about the accident, including location, time of day, a description of the vehicles and people involved and any witnesses available. Much of this information can be found in a police report. Further, it is important to keep a record of all medical expenses and bills for property damage so that if a lawsuit is brought, the proper amount of compensation can be paid.

No matter whether the other driver is a former famous singer’s daughter or a normal every day person, it is still important to get as much information as possible. Once the injuries are taken care of and the information is collected, help should be sought as soon as possible to begin recovering the costs.

Source: WTVM, “Whitney Houston’s daughter cited in accident, boyfriend arrested for reckless driving hours later,” Mandi Milligan, Nov. 30, 2012