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Drivers that are traveling the roads of Atlanta are expected to adhere to a certain reasonable standard of care while driving. If a driver does not act in accordance with this standard of care and it causes an auto accident, then that driver may be considered negligent. That negligence can leave them liable to an injured party to help them pay for their medical bills and other expenses that arise as a result of the car accident.

Unfortunately, a man was fatally injured in a motor vehicle accident that recently occurred on Chattanooga Road in Dalton, Georgia. As the pedestrian crossed a road, he was hit by a 61-year-old driver. The pedestrian was rushed to the hospital but medical professionals were unable to save him and he was pronounced dead after arriving.

Sometimes pedestrian accidents such as this one are truly an accident. However, at other times they are caused by the negligence on the part of one or more parties that were involved in the incident. Some examples of negligence in pedestrian accidents include the following:

•· Jaywalking

•· Driving in excess of the posted speed limit

•· Driver disobeying a red light

•· Pedestrian crossing street on a red light

•· Failure to yield

•· Distracted driving

When someone is injured in a car accident it can result in numerous financial obligations including prescription medication fees, bills for medical treatment and hospital stays and much more. Therefore, if the injuries are caused by another party’s negligence, the injured may be able to recover compensation from the careless party.

In the very tragic situations that involve fatal injuries, the family and loved ones of the deceased may be able to recover some compensation from the negligent party to help them recover financially and therefore allow them more time and resources to focus on healing emotionally.

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