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Traveling on the highway often comes with risks, but most people probably don’t expect to be involved in a massive 20-vehivle pileup. Unfortunately, this was the case for many people who were involved in a large truck accident which resulted in at least four deaths and left at least 12 people hurt.

The accident occurred on Interstate 16, about two hours from Atlanta. The wreck included 27 vehicles, including seven tractor-trailers. A petroleum truck was also involved, causing an explosion in midst of the wreckage.

In total, the wreckage covered about half a mile. Furthermore, over 100 emergency-service workers responded to the scene to provide critical care and support. It is unclear who or what started the incident, but the incident was severe enough to claim the lives of multiple people.

Of course, the immediate period after the accident will be used by victims and their families to heal — both emotionally and physically. Once those needs are assessed, it may also be worthwhile to gain an understanding of any legal rights and responsibilities relating to the crash. Sometimes, figuring out who is responsible for an accident can be complicated, especially when multiple parties might be at fault.

Typically, the safest move is to seek help, because there may be many parties who should be included in a claim for damages. There may even be parties who were not present but could be found responsible, such as the owners of any commercial vehicles, especially if hazardous materials were involved.

Dealing with the realities of a serious car accident is a long and difficult process. Seeking out assistance in receiving compensation for injuries is often one to begin the healing process in order to feel whole again.

Source: CBS Atlanta, “Covington man among those killed in fiery interstate pileup,” Mandi Milligan, Feb. 6, 2013