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Most motorists have experienced the anxiety of passing, or being passed by, a semi truck on Atlanta’s roadways. The sheer size difference between semi trucks and passenger vehicles is nerve-wracking for many drivers, especially because that difference makes the driver of the smaller vehicle more vulnerable to serious injury or death when they get involved in a truck accident.

A recent truck accident in the Atlanta area illustrates how vulnerable passenger cars are in semi truck accidents. One man died and three others were injured when a semi truck ran a red light. According to witnesses, the semi blew through the intersection and hit a car on the driver’s side before proceeding to collide head-on with another car and then finally rolling onto a third vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle that was struck first passed away and the second car’s driver suffered serious injuries. The semi truck driver’s injuries were not life-threatening but he was transported, along with another motorist, to a local hospital for treatment. The third driver suffered only minor injuries. An investigation of the crash is ongoing.

In these types of crashes, police and legal representatives will investigate the cause of the accident and look closely at multiple criteria that may have factored into the crash. For instance they will want to determine whether the truck was speeding and whether it violated traffic laws. The investigation may also focus on whether the truck was properly loaded and maintained. These are just some factors that may determine fault in a truck accident.

In this recent case, if the witness’s account of the truck running a red light holds true, it’s possible that the accident victims will be entitled to compensation for costs and expenses related to their injuries. In the case of the deceased driver, his family may be entitled to compensation to cover medical and funeral expenses, as well as loss of future earnings.

Source: The Republic, “Man dead, 3 others injured after Atlanta accident involving tractor-trailer and 3 other cars,” Oct. 16, 2012