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This infographic explores the stages of a typical personal injury lawsuit. However, because each case is entirely unique, the process for your claim may be slightly different. The best way to learn what you can expect during your pursuit of compensation is through a one-on-one consultation with one of the experienced personal injury lawyers at our Atlanta office.

Stages of an Injury Claim Usually Include:

  1. Hiring an Attorney
  2. Buildng Your Case
  3. Settlement Negotiations including Mediation May Occur
  4. Trial
  5. Jury Verdict and Possible Appeals
  6. Collection of Payment

A personal injury claim may take three or more years to complete. Factors that will influence this include the severity of the injury or injuries, the number of parties involved, and the damages being sought. If you have been injured and wish to discuss these things in greater detail, please request a complimentary case evaluation at LOURIE, CHANCE, FORLINES, CARTER & KING, PC. Call 404-760-7400 today. Located in Atlanta, we welcome clients from Savannah, Columbus, Decatur, Augusta, and all surrounding areas of Georgia.