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When buying a new car, most people expect them to work perfectly and be free from any serious flaws. However, owners of new Nissans or Infinitis may now be owners of a defective product and should likely get the car checked out immediately.

For any Atlanta residents who have recently purchased a new Nissan or Infiniti, they are likely to receive a notice to take their car in for inspection immediately because of a recall. The recall involves an “Occupant Detection System,” or the airbag sensor. The ODS detects the weight of an occupant and, in the event of a crash, deploys the passenger airbag. If the sensor is defective, then it may not sense a passenger and may not properly deploy, resulting in significantly more injury to the passenger or even proving fatal. While it appears no one has been injured or killed by the defect yet, it was brought to the company’s attention from multiple reports.

Usually anyone who is injured because of a defective product has a difficult time proving it was the defect that was the primary reason for the death. The manufacturer will rarely take responsibility, and it is up to the consumer to bring a product liability lawsuit against the company to prove they are responsible. The problem could be that there was a defect in a specific model of the product or in the entire line. There could also be a problem with the labeling, resulting in the product being used in a way it should not be. No matter what the reason, the company that is liable for the injury should be held responsible.

Sustaining an injury or losing a loved one is an arduous process. Having the responsible party deny that responsibility makes it even tougher, but with the proper assistance from a legal professional, the party will likely be held to task.

Source: Examiner, “Nissan recalling 2013 models with defective passenger side airbag sensor,” James Nelson, Mar. 14, 2013