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Losing a loved one is always incredibly difficult, especially if you are the driver of the vehicle when that loved one is killed. One man must face that unfortunate situation after a truck accident involving a tractor-trailer truck.

The truck accident occurred near Atlanta on Georgia highway 278 at the intersection with 113. The driver, an 86 year old man, was traveling east when he attempted to turn in front of a Wal-Mart. While making the turn, he collided with a tractor-trailer truck. The driver was seriously injured and airlifted to Atlanta Medical Center while his wife, who was 86, died

When an accident like this happens, the family is often grief stricken and sickened at the thought of the accident. However, it is extremely important that any details involving the accident be brought to someone who can help, including an Atlanta truck accident attorney. That way, any relief that can be brought to the family to deal with any medical bills, funeral bills and any property costs can be gathered as soon as possible.

Often times, the best way to do this is with a wrongful death lawsuit or personal injury lawsuit. Typically, when a tractor-trailer truck is involved, there are many parties who may be found responsible, from the truck driver, to the company who owns to the truck to possible even the company who was shipping goods in the truck. Seeking out help is one way to find out who is to be held responsible.

Getting closure for an accident like this is often the first priority for those involved. Seeking out help is the first step towards closure.

Source: Examiner, “Rockmart woman killed in fatal auto accident,” Tammy Overstreet, Jan. 10, 2013