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Many Georgia residents work in positions that require them to travel across state lines. While the population grows and traffic increases across the state, motor vehicle accidents can occur. Those auto accidents that happen at high speeds can involve multiple vehicles and lead to significant injuries. If someone exhibited negligence, which led to a crash, the victim may be entitled to additional compensation for medical injuries, hospital visits and rehabilitation time.

A Greyhound bus that was taking passengers from Florida to Georgia had a collision with a car and SUV. The resulting accident led to some injuries and two people who killed. The accident happened close to the Georgia-Florida border in Hamilton County along Interstate-75 when a car heading southbound entered the northbound lane and hit a SUV and the bus. Both the drivers of the SUV and car were killed. 13 passengers on the bus were taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. The Florida Highway Patrol was on the scene and did not know if alcohol was involved.

If someone is drinking while driving, that person is behaving in a negligent manner. They are putting other people at risk and their negligence may lead to a significant accident. A car crash of this nature can cause significant injuries or the death of a loved one. In the event of a catastrophic injury or death, family members should not be burdened by undue financial costs.

Being familiar with the state laws in Georgia regarding negligence on the road is a first step to take when seeking compensation for an injury or death caused by someone else. Negligence can take several forms on the roads, including speeding, drinking while driving or failure to adhere to traffic signage. A proper settlement in these cases can help ease the financial loss of an injury or death.

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