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Atlanta motorists concerned about the implications of uninsured drivers on the road should take note of a nearby state’s plan to launch an online insurance verification system. This kind of verification system has the potential to minimize the insurance disputes that arise when an uninsured driver is involved in a car accident.

Motorists’ driving without proper insurance coverage is not a problem unique to the Atlanta area. In fact, the state where the system is being implemented has one of the highest rates of uninsured drivers in the nation at 22 percent.

The system allows law enforcement to verify a driver’s insurance coverage in real time and will catch drivers who use fake insurance cards or who stop paying premiums once they receive their insurance paperwork. The system goes online on January 1, 2013 at which time no one will be able to register a vehicle unless their insurance is verified through the system. Alternatively, a person can still provide proof of insurance in person.

Although Georgia law requires all motorists to carry auto insurance, it’s no secret that many drivers do not comply with the law. Other motorists carry the absolute minimum amount of insurance coverage and are considered underinsured. At this point, it is uncertain if Georgia officials consider this type of reform in our state.

When an uninsured or underinsured driver causes an accident, it’s often the case that there is not enough compensation available to cover victims for medical expenses and other costs related to the accident. Any area motorist that finds themselves in this untenable situation should reach out to a legal professional who can help sort through the details and obtain adequate payment.

Source: WSFA News, “State to launch insurance verification system,” Samuel King, Oct. 10, 2012