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Nursing home abuse and neglect tends to make the news after a spectacular, horrifying incident. However, our Atlanta nursing home abuse lawyers know that most forms of neglect take subtler, less easily noticeable forms. And these cases of neglect are not minor- they matter, especially to the victims and their families.

Bed sores are among the most common consequences of neglect. This might not sound awful, but it is. Bed sores are humiliating and painful, and they can be easily avoided with just a little bit of vigilance and effort.

Many nursing home residents are bed-bound, either completely or for most of their day. If a resident is not moved frequently, the constant pressure of the bed and bedding on the same parts of the body cause open sores. While technically known as decubitus ulcers, they are more commonly referred to as bed sores.

Bed sores frequently develop on the hips, back and legs. They’re quite painful and prone to infection.

Nursing home are obligated to do what they can to prevent the development of bed sores. And this is really quite simple- staff members must simply move residents with relative frequency. This relieves pressure on certain parts of the body and prevents the development of open sores.

However, neglect or staffing inadequacies often mean that residents are left unmoved in their own beds. This is dangerous, and it’s not right.

If your loved one suffered bed sores in the Atlanta, Georgia area, our nursing home abuse lawyers want to talk to you. Please call Lourie, Chance, Forlines, Carter & King, PC today at 404-760-7400 for a free consultation.