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In the immediate aftermath of an accident, the initial focus of responders is to gauge the scene and attend to victims. However, once the scene is under control, investigators will go to work piecing the chain of events together as best they can. In cases where injuries or even death result, this outcome of the investigation can play an important role in determining how the victim or the family of the deceased may move forward.

Take, for example, a recent fatal semi-truck and motorcycle accident that occurred in the Atlanta area. According to reports, on a recent weekday a crash occurred that left a motorcyclist dead. Just before noon, the motorcyclist was traveling north on Interstate-75 close to the interchange with Interstate-675 when a semi-truck apparently went through the median and hit the motorcyclist. The severity of the truck accident meant that the northbound side of the highway was closed for around 3 hours.

After investigation, an officer familiar with the situation reported that the accident resulted from a bad lane change by the semi. In fact, the police reported that charges were pending against the driver.

Sadly, the family must now move forward with life without their loved one. Aside from the emotional toll of such an event, medical bills, funeral bills and even loss of future earning may affect the family severely. However, when evidence – such as a police finding or criminal charges – suggests that the semi-truck driver may have been negligent, the family may be able to recover compensation by filing a wrongful death lawsuit again the driver and employer. With the financial weight lifted through a successful lawsuit, family members can turn their attention towards emotional healing.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Motorcyclist killed in crash with semi on I-75 in Henry County identified,” Mike Morris, Sept. 12, 2013