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A new study, published in USA Today, suggests that some Uber drivers are operating their vehicles for upwards of 16 hours without rest. Low wages, heavy competition, and company incentives may be driving this dangerous trend, though the company reports that only 7% of its drivers work more than 50 hours a week. Uber has no policy regarding the number of hours a driver can work each week. The company does suggest, however, that all reports of fatigued driving are investigated and handled internally.

16 hours a day is far too long to operate a small vehicle without rest. Studies have found that 21% of fatal motor vehicle crashes involve a fatigued driver. Countless nonfatal accidents are caused by sleepy drivers as well. And when those drivers are operating a commercial vehicle, risks increase exponentially.

Fatigued Truck Driver Accidents

Driver fatigue was identified as a critical issue related to large truck safety by the Large Truck Crash Causation Study conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. That same study found that drivers who are encouraged to hurry or to drive long hours are most at risk for fatigue – and those drivers are more likely to cause truck accidents than any other group.

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