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Injury to the head is the most common type of birth injury. This includes minor issues such as scratches and bruising and more severe problems, such as hemorrhaging or facture.

Head injury may be caused by forceps or vacuum extraction. Risks are heightened during complicated deliveries or when the baby is presented abnormally in the birth canal.

Healthcare providers at birthing centers and hospitals are trained to mitigate risks while addressing pregnancy complications. They do not always succeed in this task. Sometimes, through neglect, impatience, or ignorance, a doctor or nurse may cause irreversible or serious harm to a baby during the delivery process. When this happens, families may be entitled to seek justice through a medical malpractice lawsuit.


Head injury is far from the only birth injury that can result in severe consequences. Other types of birth injury include:

Children injured during labor and delivery may face developmental delays, they may require special schooling and around-the-clock supervision, and often deal with untold amounts of pain and suffering. These children and their families deserve justice. Lourie, Chance, Forlines, Carter & King is here to help see that justice is served.


In addition to helping families secure compensation following a birth injury, our firm is committed to helping families find resources for community and support. A birth injury can result in a lifetime of difficulty for the victim and place a heavy burden on families. We are here to help you find the support you need outside of compensation to ensure your child and your family can live the most rewarding life possible.

Raising a special needs child can become extremely expensive. If your child’s condition results from medical negligence, your family should not be burdened with these costs. Our birth injury lawyers are here to help you understand your rights and your options.

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