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It is often known that younger drivers usually are more dangerous to be around because of their lack of experience, as well as possible other reasons. However, one older woman unfortunately learned this lesson with her life in a recent fatal auto accident near Atlanta.

The accident took place on Highway 9, near the intersection with North Old Atlanta Road. A 17-year-old driver is being held in an Adult Detention Center on a $2,805 bond and has been charged with the killing of a 43-year-old woman. Though the exact nature of her death is unclear at the moment, the driver was charged with vehicular homicide and failure to obey a traffic control device. It seems that the accident is still under investigation, and it is unclear why the 17-year-old killed the older victim or if it was considered an accident.

Any type of motor vehicle accidents that result in someone being injured or killed are tragedies, not only for the victim, but for their families as well. It is often incredibly difficult for the family to get over the loss of their loved one, but at the same time, they are forced to deal with the economic losses involved as well, such as medical expenses, funeral expenses and often many other associated costs.

In order to receive proper compensation, a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit must often be brought against the other driver. Even if that driver is not facing criminal charges, a civil suit should still be bought to ensure that compensation can be made. Sometimes, in the event of a death, that compensation can also cover lost wages, if the deceased was a primary earner for a household.

Recovering from the loss of a loved one is an excruciating task for a family to go through. Seeking out help is often a necessary first step in order to complete the healing process.

Source: CBS Atlanta, “Teen charged in fatal Ga. crash,” March 15, 2013.