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Any time someone is driving late at night, there is always an expectation that other drivers are more likely to cause accidents than during the day. Despite this expectation, all drivers still share responsibility to drive with caution and care. However, a recent car accident involving an Atlanta television personality shows how easy it is to be caught off guard by a distracted or negligent driver.

According to reports, an Atlanta news anchor was driving just after midnight when she crossed lanes and crashed into another car. The other driver was taken to a hospital and released.

The news anchor allegedly smelled like alcohol shortly after the crash, but refused to take any type of sobriety test. She was then arrested by police and has since been released. While charges have not yet been issued, the anchor may be charged for drunk driving, reckless driving and failure to maintain her lane.

Reports do not indicate whether or not injuries were caused by this crash. However, as Atlanta readers know, drunk drivers all too often cause accidents that result in catastrophic, life-changing injuries to innocent victims. Serious car crashes can leave victims with overwhelming medical expenses and lifelong health issues. Even when an at-fault driver is fully insured, the damages suffered by an accident victim can easily exceed policy coverage limits.

Victims of a drunk or negligent driver may be entitled to compensation for their losses. In addition to medical costs, accident-related injuries may leave a victim unable to work or pursue activities enjoyed prior to the accident. An experienced personal injury attorney can help Atlanta accident victims understand their rights under the law and obtain fair compensation for their losses.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Atlanta news anchor arrested in DUI crash,” Nov. 12, 2012