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When Atlanta residents think of car accidents, they typically think of the police being there after the accident, collecting information. However, there was a recent incident that actually involved a police officer, and sent the officer and another person to the hospital.

The accident occurred in Atlanta, at the intersection of Candler and Glenwood Avenue. The police investigating the accident did not say much about the accident, and would not even say how it was caused or who was responsible. Nonetheless, both the driver of the police car and the other driver suffered moderate injuries, and had to be taken to the hospital.

One witness stated she heard a loud boom, which, apparently, was the police cruiser hitting another car, pushing it through a crosswalk and into an intersection. Though it is unknown if speed was involved, people who are frequently near the intersection say speeding is a problem, even for the police.

When loved ones are injured in auto accidents, the family is interested in making sure the family members physically recover as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, before too long, there are likely to be medical bills that must be dealt with as well.

For that reason, is it often necessary to record exactly what happened at the accident as quickly as possible, particularly, if it is likely that liability is going to be contested. If a police report cannot be taken, then the victim should try to record as much about the accident as possible, including how it occurred, when, the other vehicles involved, the weather at the time and any other factors that could be important. This way, important factors are not lost to time or a faulty memory later on.

Recovering from an auto accident is often a long process. Seeking the right assistance can often make the process go smoother.

Source: CBS Atlanta, “DeKalb police car involved in T-bone crash,” Greg Dingrando, July 28, 2013.