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A car accident can happen in the blink of an eye. Determining fault over an accident can be shadowy as high-speed collisions happen fast and can lead to traumatic injuries and/or death. Often seemingly innocuous events like a snow storm or a pothole can lead to a chain reaction with devastating consequences. On highways, the problem is compounded by congestion and motor vehicle accidents can lead to large pile-ups were peripheral drivers are injured or killed as well.

A deadly crash in Cobb County recently left one victim dead. A driver in a mobile home hit a Toyota Camry while switching lanes on Interstate 75 southbound. The Camry spun out of control and hit a Prius causing it to roll over several times. The mobile home then hit two other vehicles in the pileup. Several were injured and the passenger in the Prius was killed. The driver of the mobile home was put in jail without bond and accused of improper lane change, felony hit-and-run and first-degree vehicular homicide.

Determining negligence in an auto accident is difficult. Drivers must typically meet a standard of “reasonable care” depending on the circumstances. If one fails to meet that standard, that person can be held responsible for the accident. A reckless driver who is speeding, changing lanes improperly, disobeying traffic signs or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be held negligent in a motor vehicle accident. A legal professional can help victims interpret Georgia law and determine the burden of proof necessary for financial compensation for damages.

A pile up of cars on the highway is a frightening scene. One simple lane change can have major repercussions. In Georgia, the claims process for processing insurance payouts can be quite time-consuming. Time and effort are needed to determine how compensation will occur.

Source: My Fox Atlanta, “Driver accused in deadly Cobb crash expect in court,” Patty Pan, Oct. 30, 2013