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One of the difficult parts of the winter season is traveling in a car. Not only must drivers be vigilant on the roads, but they also have to be aware of poor visibility, extremely cold and negligent drivers. In Georgia, the winter has been particularly cold. A truck accident in cold weather can lead to significant injuries. Being alert and driving slowly during poor weather will help drivers avoid accidents, but sometimes negligent drivers will cause an accident on icy roads anyways.

In metropolitan Atlanta, a major snowstorm caused many accidents leading to traffic jams on the road. Three inches of snow led to massive gridlock in highly trafficked areas. Some people abandoned their vehicles after being forced to spend a night on the freeway. Thousands of students were trapped in buses and some students were forced to spend the night at their school.

While being forced to spend the night at school may be a nightmare for some students, being injured in an accident can have lasting repercussions. Icy weather can lead to massive catastrophes involving large vehicles, such as semi-trucks. A semi-truck accident can cause a lot of damage, especially if the driver was speeding, the truck was improperly loaded or there were other forms of negligence. Accident victims may be entitled to compensation for any expenses incurred after a crash if the other driver was at fault.

A serious injury can stem from an accident with a large vehicle. Those injuries could be very serious, with long-term health implications. Victims don’t want to be managing pain for the rest of their lives, and sometimes an accident can lead to long-term rehabilitation. Rehabilitation and medical costs can subsequently get out-of-control, so finding a way to pay for those expenses could benefit victims significantly. The extreme weather is no excuse for someone driving in a careless manner.

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