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A vehicle crash on heavily traveled highway can lead to a long shutdown after the collision. A crash is something that can be damaging to both vehicles and people. When a driver of a vehicle is underinsured or uninsured, it’s important to realize that there may be options under one’s own insurance policy for reimbursement. If someone is driving in a negligent manner that causes a crash with the victim’s vehicle, that victim may be eligible for claims from their insurance company. Sometimes the process can be onerous, especially with a new claim, so victims should be prepared to contest a wrongfully denied insurance payout.

In Georgia, the Ga. 400 was closed during “Black Friday” because of a five car crash that occurred during the day. The crash caused an oil spill that resulted in dangerous road conditions. The northbound lanes were shut down until 2:00 p.m. All those involved in the crash suffered injures.

In a crash such as the one on Ga. 400, remaining safe is the most important thing. But, it’s important to realize that even minor injures can lead to high medical costs. If someone files a claim with an insurance company, sometimes the claim will be wrongfully denied – especially when that person’s own insurance company has to essentially cross over to the other side. In the case of an insurance dispute, victims may be eligible for even more damages if it can be proved that the insurance company exercised bad faith in their denial of the financial benefit.

If an insurance company is not operating in good faith, claimants may be eligible for additional compensation. An injury from a car crash is something that is difficult to rehabilitate. But, the process is even more difficult when an insurance company denies a claim unjustly. Fortunately, there are methods for receiving additional compensation.

Source:, “Ga. 400 reopened in Forsyth County after 5-car crash,” Mark Niesse, Nov. 29, 2013