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As many Atlanta residents know, famous individuals are not immune to making horrible mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes sometimes cost others and in one case, it has cost one man his health and another woman her life.

A former NBA All-Star, Mookie Blaylock, is now sitting in an Atlanta prison, because of a fatal car crash he has been charged with causing. Blaylock is charged with crossing over a median and hitting a van head-on. There were two people in the van, a husband and wife. The husband was injured but survived. Unfortunately his wife died a few hours later.

The former star arrived at the hospital on life support, but his condition has since improved. Blaylock allegedly blacked out moments before crossing over the median. Blaylock apparently had a history of seizures, though it is unclear if that was what caused the accident.

When motor vehicle accidents occur, the victims and their families often have a long recovery process. During that time, which may take years, they are likely accumulating thousands of dollars of medical bills. If the victim was killed, in addition to those medical bills, there are likely funeral costs as well as other associated costs as well.

The loss of a loved one is bad enough for any family, but to then have to deal with those added expenses makes it that much more difficult. That is why help should be sought out as soon as possible to deal with those expenses. A personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit can be brought against the responsible party for those expenses, the loss of life and often times for the pain and suffering involved as well.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is always a painful process for the entire family. Seeking out help can sometimes make the process a bit easier.

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