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When people think of motor vehicle accidents they typically think of two or more cars slamming into each other. However, another type of auto accident poses as big of a risk, if not bigger: a hit-and-run involving a pedestrian. Since pedestrians are unprotected, these auto accidents typically leave victims with serious, even catastrophic injuries or dead. A recent accident in Forsyth illustrates one such case.

Recently in Forsyth, a woman was hit by a car and left with broken bones and head trauma. The driver fled the scene of the accident, but was later found and arrested. The victim of this hit-and-run may have a long, tough physical recovery ahead of her. The success of her recovery may depend on her ability to afford the appropriate care. Fortunately, even if the victim cannot afford the care she needs she can file a lawsuit against the negligent driver in an effort to recover her damages.

In these cases, a victim must establish negligence on the part of the driver responsible for the accident and that the negligence caused the accident. If these elements can be proven, then the victim may be able to obtain compensation to cover any medical expenses, wages that were lost due to the injury, and to ease pain and suffering. By obtaining the best care available, a hit-and-run victim can get back to her normal life, or as close to her pre-accident life as possible.

Walking down the street should be a safe activity. Yet, a negligent driver can turn a routine stroll into a nightmarish, life-threatening accident. A lawsuit may be a victim’s only option to obtain much needed money. Additionally, these lawsuits put the public on notice that pedestrians are vulnerable and drivers should therefore be aware of them at all times.

Source: Access North Georgia, “Forsyth woman injured in hit-and-run, driver arrested,” Alyson Shields, May 14, 2013