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Many Georgia residents ride motorcycles. They do so for the joy of riding or as another option to travel to work, school, and family events. Though riding a motorcycle can be relaxing, it can also be dangerous when other motorists are unaware. Failing to yield to a motorcycle, following too closely behind a motorcyclist, and changing lanes without looking for motorcycles all can cause serious Auto Accidents.

One Georgia man has unfortunately fallen victim to one of these tragic accidents. Reports indicate the man was riding down a Georgia highway when another vehicle pulled out onto the highway in front of him. The motorcycle collided with the driver’s side of the truck, throwing both the rider and his passenger from the bike. The rider was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. The passenger was also taken to the hospital where she was treated for injuries. Police continue to investigate the accident and state that charges are pending upon the completion of the investigation.

Families that lose loved ones to Motor vehicle accidents can feel overwhelmed with anger and sadness. Sons and daughters may be left to grow up without a mother or father, a spouse may have to try to move on with life without their lover and confidant, and parents may have to live without their beloved child. In addition to the emotional pain caused by these accidents, finances can be hit hard. Unexpected medical bills and funeral costs can quickly add up and the loss might strip much needed income from the family.

When a family finds itself in a situation like this it may be in its best interest to seek legal advice. A Georgia accident attorney can sit with the family to discuss the accident and determine whether a lawsuit is likely to succeed. If the family decides to move forward on a claim, the attorney will craft legal arguments which put the family’s best case forward in an attempt to prove negligence and causation.

If negligence and causation are successfully proven, then the family may obtain compensation. The awards will not bring the family’s lost loved one back, but it might help cover medical and funeral expenses, compensate for pain and suffering, and reimburse for lost wages. With these damages recovered the family will hopefully have an easier time moving past the accident.

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