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Drivers of motor vehicles should always be tuned in to their surroundings. A car or truck can do serious damage to other drivers and pedestrians involved in an accident. A motor vehicle accident can lead to serious bodily injury or even death. When another driver acts negligently on the road and causes an accident, the victim of the crash may be entitled to compensation especially since car accidents can be devastating events in the lives of family or loved ones.

A Georgia man from Forsyth County was recently killed when he was hit by a van just north of Atlanta. The man was walking on Highway 20 near the border between Forsyth and Cherokee counties at 7:30 a.m. when the van hit him. The Forsyth County authorities said that the 62-year-old man walked right into the path of a Ford E-250 van and was crushed. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

In tragic cases like these victims of road accidents or their families may be entitled to compensation. Often compensation depends on establishing negligence. Road conditions, alcohol consumption, and adherence to road traffic signs can all be factors when determining who was at fault for a crash. Injured persons can recover damages for medical costs, loss-of-income, or funeral expenses. Since damages awards often depend on state law, it is helpful to have a thorough understanding of the Georgia legal system.

A family of someone who has been hurt or killed in an accident may struggle emotionally. Although money does not eliminate the pain, financial support may provide closure. Recovering damages should not be a difficult thing to procure for during this rough time. An auto accident can have long lasting implications, so it’s important to get the necessary support.

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