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In 2019, four young adults lost their lives in an apartment building fire. Alleging that the apartment complex owners and managers were aware of potential dangers, including a cigarette bucket underneath a wooden staircase, a lawsuit was filed against the complex ownership. An additional lawsuit was filed against the county and two 911 operators in their individual capacities as public employees.

With the help of documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, Counsel for the plaintiffs was able to obtain un-redacted 911 calls, the content of which was described as “disturbing.” Along with police video, photos, and related evidence, these were entered into evidence to establish the issue was with the cigarette bucket and the stairs, an argument compelling enough to help secure a $10 million verdict for the victims’ families.


Losing a loved one in an accident is extremely difficult. Knowing that accident was avoidable can be both heartbreaking and infuriating. Justice can be sought through a wrongful death claim.

With a wrongful death claim, surviving family members can seek monetary compensation for the loss of their loved one. This may include considerations for lost wages, projected financial contributions, loss of retirement benefits, loss of insurance, and more. It may also include compensation for emotional duress and suffering that has resulted from the loss.

In Georgia, families have two years from the date of passing to file a wrongful death lawsuit. In order to avoid potential complications, it is a good idea to take action before the statute of limitations approaches. Key evidence may require a swift investigation. Waiting to file can complicate this process.

However, even if you are approaching the statute of limitations for your claim, the wrongful death lawyers at Lourie, Chance, Forlines, Carter & King are here to help. We have the resources and experience to handle even the most complex of cases and are prepared to take these claims as far as possible in search of the best possible outcome.

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