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Though the police are incredibly careful drivers, even they are not always immune to being hit by careless drivers. This was the unfortunate case for one police sheriff who was recently injured.

A police sheriff near Atlanta was with his deputy recently on I-75 traveling in the HOV lane when their vehicle was struck by a Ford pickup truck, which was hauling an excavator. The truck apparently crossed over the lanes after the driver lost control of it while merging onto I-75 near the intersection with Northside Drive. Both the sheriff and his deputy were injured, however the Sheriff was the only one taken to the hospital. At the time of writing the Sheriff required an extended stay at the hospital in order to undergo additional testing. The driver of the truck was charged with failure to maintain lane, but he and his passenger were uninjured.

No matter how careful a driver, auto accidents do happen and when they do, it is important for anyone injured to seek help immediately. After that help is administered, a recorded writing should be constructed as quickly as possible, so any important details are not forgotten. The place, time, weather and description of the other vehicle and driver are all essential items that should be recorded immediately. In addition to those facts, any witnesses or other relevant information should be recoded as well, including any injuries that were suffered. Further, it is often essential to retain copies of all medical bills in order to be able to recover for those expenses.

Getting over an auto accident is a difficult business for anyone, no matter how careful or healthy the victim is. However, with the proper assistance, the recovery can be made as quickly as possible.

Source: CBS Atlanta, “Cobb County sheriff recovering in hospital after accident on I-75”, Mandi Milligan and Jennifer Banks, Aug. 16, 2013