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Highways are a staple in many Atlanta drivers’ experience while traversing across the city. Rush hour can lead to long delays and impatient motorists who make poor decisions. In the case of auto accidents, it is important to be a vigil and defensive driver. Families of loved ones who are killed or injured by negligent drivers may be entitled to compensation for their loss.

Sadly, news recently broke about a Radio One personality was killed in Atlanta, Georgia, last week in a catastrophic car accident. Her car came to a sudden stop on Interstate-30 and she was struck from behind by a box truck, killed instantly. The cause of the auto accident is still under investigation. Atlanta drivers know that high levels of congestion combined with inattentive drivers can lead to deadly motor vehicle accidents.

As illustrated by this unfortunate accident, the impact that a larger truck can have on a smaller truck can be devastating at high speeds. Interstate-30 in particular has a variable speed limit system and often auto accidents can happen at relatively high speeds, with catastrophic results. Cars are typically totaled in high-speed collisions, leaving the occupants of those vehicles severely injured, or even worse, they may lose their life..

The radio personality was pronounced dead on the scene of the accident. In times of loss, it’s important to remember that in the case of negligent driving, financial restitution may be sought by the family to help compensate those with damaged vehicles, medical costs, funeral expenses and even lost future earnings. While the family will have the face the emotional challenge of losing a loved one, those suffering from such as accident caused by the negligence of another should not have to worry about the financial ramifications.

Source: NBC Washington, “Sheila Stewart, Radio One Personality, Killed in Car Accident,” Erica Jones, Oct. 24, 2013